Welcome to the Twin Cities Chapter of Science for the People! We are democratically-active citizens and scientists concern ourselves with issues at the intersection of sciences, society, and power. We hope you will join us in imagining and building just and sustainable futures whether you’re in ‘the cities‘ or ‘greater Minnesota!


Mission Statement: SftP TC is a radical organization that sees science, society, and power as intimately and inherently linked. Radical means going to the root of, and examining the structures, assumptions, and power relationships in all areas, so that what is, or what has been, need not determine what will be. We aim to challenge the status quo within the science establishment and society at large. We seek to join in solidarity with local and regional community and social movements, and participate in the international Science For The People Movement. Our members work at the intersection of our personal, political, and professional identities. We welcome the active participation of all people committed to imagining and building just and sustainable futures.


Line 3 Hot Potato: Permit Process Failure and what we can do about it.

This video follows the broken process of Enbridge’s Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline in northern Minnesota. The issue and permitting of Line 3 has been a “hot potato” between Enbridge and different federal and state regulatory agencies. A flowchart and sources for all the facts cited in the video can be found below our …

Free Smells, Capitalism, and the Externalities of Fossil Fuels

By Kathrin May I am sitting at my desk, in my old childhood bedroom, at my parents’ house in Germany. Last school year I was an international student at the University of Minnesota, and during the spring semester, I left the US earlier than planned because my parents were getting very worried when COVID-19 forced …

Things we’ve done / Things we do

Science For The People is powered by the passions of its members to advance the cause of just and sustainable futures. Here is a list of initiatives, events, and accomplishments that SFTP-TC has been involved with. This list is neither comprehensive, nor do we wish to limit our future efforts to the range of our prior engagements.

Line 3 Organizing (Petition, Gathering at the Capitol, Teach-in)

Minnesota Green New Deal Convening & Brainstorming

LOTS of workplace lunches (sharing joys and struggles)

Semi-regular book club meetings

Tabling at Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice organized by the People’s Climate movement

Leading Discussion at the Twin Cities Social Justice Education Fair (a branch of the IWW)

Drafting and Circulating a letter in support of Dr. Blasey-Ford signed by over 450 scientists and allies

Allying with Voices for Environmental Justice to build an environmental justice movement at the University of Minnesota

Collaborating with the Kitty Anderson Youth Science Center (a justice-focused youth science group) at the Science Museum of Minnesota

Hosting Sheila and Frank Rosenthal from Indiana, long time SftP members, during a Minnesota trip

Supporting efforts by the Agroecology and Rural Economics Research Corp