Let’s clear the air on how the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline really impacts Minnesota:

The ongoing Line 3 construction is a simple replacement project.The new Line 3 takes a new route through previously undisturbed waterways, and would more than double its current capacity.
We need to double the capacity of Line 3 to meet demand for oil.Enbridge tried to use a supply forecast instead of a demand forecast. Their mainline volume has actually decreased in the past year (S&P).
Line 3 is necessary because we will keep using oil for a long time.Even conservative projections from the IEA forecast oil demand growth to end sometime this decade.
If this pipeline isn’t built, there will be thousands of dangerous oil trains going through Minnesota.There’s no evidence that it’s possible to transport 915 kbpd of oil by rail thru MN’s rail network. Overall tar sands oil transport by rail was much lower than that in recent years.
Building a new pipeline would protect the environment and the economy long-term.A newly built Line 3 would transport tar sands oil long past the time of economic unviability. This infrastructure lock-in would lead to increased costs and emissions for Minnesota.
The new Line 3 would be much safer than the old Line 3.There is no evidence for this claim. Safety is not related to age as much as it is to operator commitment to safety, which Enbridge lacks.
The permitting process for Line 3 was scientific and robust.The Line 3 permitting process was flawed on many levels, and the Walz Administration failed to take responsibility for it.
Line 3 creates many local jobs for hardworking Minnesotans.Enbridge promised over 75% local jobs, but has only delivered on 23% of them. The vast majority of these jobs are temporary and dangerous.
Line 3 is boosting local economies in Northern Minnesota.Enbridge went to court to avoid paying taxes in Minnesota, leading to a ‘worst case scenario’ for 13 Northern Minnesota counties.
The influx of pipeline workers is good for local communities.Enbridge workers were caught in child sex trafficking rings in Northern MN. Pipeline construction causes the MMIWR epidemic.